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Tuesday, August 18
9:00 – 9:50 AM
Plaza Court 2

Developing Integrations for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Using .NET and REST

Still using Z-Tables and scouring through Work Center messages to troubleshoot errors? Want to transition to Web Services and REST? Learn how you can streamline your integration tasks using Aellius LynX Business Integrator, an Oracle Validated solution. The development toolset is 100% .Net based, allowing you to create integrations in the comfort of the Visual Studio and C#. This session will demonstrate step by step how developers can write native code in .Net that utilizes EnterpriseOne’s application layer and publish them as web services that can be consumed by external apps. Developers can call REST (Representational State Transfer) API to invoke JDE functionality directly from any external app.

  • Demonstrate the development process using .NET and Visual Studio.
  • Describe the integration architecture and how it differs from other architecture.
  • Demonstrate Business Functions, Table I/O, UBEs and Media Object Attachments.


Wednesday, August 19
8:00 – 8:50 AM
Director’s Row J

An A/P Checks Project

Learn how a customer creates A/P checks and ACH Remittance Notices from JDE and non-JDE sources. Some of these sources are plain text files! The challenges of this project included migration from older software, creating checks in more than 10 formats, formatting based on data in an external table, and data driven printing.

  • Discuss the unique requirements of this project.
  • Demonstrate the solution.


Wednesday, August 19
9:00 – 9:50 AM
Plaza Court 1

Upload Data From Excel to JDE in One Step!

Do your users prefer to use Excel for data entry? This session will demonstrate how users can simply use Excel for data entry to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne without intermediate steps (i.e. copying and pasting, creating custom programs and/or Z-Tables, etc.). Aellius’ Oracle Validated LynX Office solution includes Excel templates for Journal Entry, Address Book, Fixed Assets and more. Data is validated against JD Edwards EnterpriseOne business rules and security as it is uploaded. The product is optimized for performance, allowing users to mass upload thousands of records with ease. The Excel templates are fully customizable without programming.

  • Demonstrate Excel Uploads to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.
  • Show how users can review and resolve validation errors in Excel.
  • Describe the benefits of using Excel for data entry.


Wednesday, August 19
2:30 – 3:20 PM
Director’s Row E

Importing and Exporting Files With JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Learn how our customer imports and export files without creating custom program in JDE. Third party applications and vendors often use files to exchange information. The files are required to be in a certain format for the data to be exchanged without errors. Positive Pay, Bank Tape and Bank Reconciliations are common scenarios where files are imported and exported. Formatting the data in a specific format can be both challenging and time consuming. Most companies create custom programs or tweak existing programs to meet these requirements. Aellius LynX File Exchanger solves this challenge by allowing users to easily import and export text files to and from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne without IT intervention and custom programming.

  • Discuss common problems and solutions to importing/exporting data to/from JDE.
  • Demonstrate the solution.