LynX Office

Improve Data Entry and Accuracy

Excel Apps for data entry and maintenance in EnterpriseOne.
Use what you already have. Give users what they already love.

Why Use Excel?

  • Excel is optimized for easy data entry
  • No timeouts! Users can take their time to enter the data and save when convenient
  • Easily link with other Excel workbooks or sheets within the same workbook
  • Use formulas and calculations
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Ease of Use

LynX Office makes Excel a powerful tool for data entry and maintenance in EnterpriseOne:

  • Validate and Upload data with a click of a button
  • Lookup data (accounts, UDC codes, etc.) directly from the Excel app
  • Identify and resolve errors in Excel itself. Don’t spend time sifting through messages in the Work Center!
  • Upload attachments directly from Excel

Transactions and Master Data Uploads

  • Transaction uploads like G/L, Budget, A/R and A/P
  • Additions and changes to Master Data: Address Book, Fixed Assets etc
  • Bulk upload data without Z-Files, cut & paste or cumbersome multi-step processes
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Superior Performance

Stuck on the E1 screen importing data through the grid? You won’t run into that issue with LynX Office.

10,000 Line G/L upload? No problem!

Change 500 Address Book records? Piece of cake!

It’s an App

Just like a mobile app, but optimized for data entry. Users can install and update the app easily without IT intervention. App updates are delivered through the cloud.


Check out demos of our LynX Office Apps.

  • G/L Upload
  • Address Book Upload
  • Fixed Assets Upload
  • Budget Upload
  • G/L Upload
  • Address Book Upload
  • Fixed Assets Upload
  • Budget Upload