Pretty Documents. Professional Results.

Create formatted invoices, checks, purchase orders and other documents from any system.

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More than just formatting

In addition to formatting, XForm can burst, archive, print, and email the formatted documents. XForm creates documents in HTML and PDF formats.

Archived documents can be accessed from XForm Manager (a web app) or through a secure URL link.

Data Driven Everything

Anything that XForm does can be driven by the data in the source or even an external data source (like database or configuration file):

  • Format: fonts, colors and logos can be set conditionally
  • Email: all email fields can be data-driven
  • Print: dynamically print to multiple printers

Unique Development Approach

XForm Projects are created using XForm Developer. The development effort requires only three skills:

  • XML
  • XSLT
  • HTML

So, you won’t have to learn a new tool set to work in XForm. PDFs are converted from HTML, so we take care of that as well.


XForm is configured and administered using XForm Manager:

  • Track documents
  • Drill down to detailed processing info
  • Troubleshoot errors
  • Set up security
  • Configure alerts



Archive formatted documents in the repository. Specify the # of days for archival.


Burst documents into individual documents. For example: create individual invoices from an invoice batch.


Email documents (split/burst or full) to data-driven recipients. Includes support for SSL.

Document Keys

Retrieve archived documents by key values in the document.


Print formatted documents to data-driven printers.


Secure documents by Document Type. Integrates with Windows Active Directory.

PDF Security

Provides options to secure PDF documents (open document and restrict document features).


Integrates with any system (ERP, CRM etc.) Pre-integrated with JDE EnterpriseOne.