LynX Output Manager

Manage your JDE Reports.

Consolidate, Email, Archive, Share & Secure your E1 Reports.

Quick & Simple

To configure what you want to do with reports:

  • Create a record for the report. You can set up records by environment, report, version & user.
  • Create an output configuration record based on file type (PDF, CSV, XML, log, debug log, all BI Publisher types).
  • Create multiple action records: Email, Archive, XForm, check-in to Sharepoint/ECM etc.
  • Map the record to an XForm project to create pretty, formatted documents.

That’s it! You don’t even have to restart anything. It doesn’t get any easier!

Consolidate & Track

As an administrator, you can track submitted jobs from all your EnterpriseOne servers in one place and obtain report and BI Publisher submission data:

  • Report
  • Version
  • Job Number
  • Environment
  • User ID
  • Submission Time
  • Start Time
  • Completion Time
  • Server Name
  • Client Name

User Access

Allow users to access reports easily:

  • Users can download reports without logging into JDE.
  • Non-JDE users can also can download reports (if they have been provided access).
  • Control report access by report and/or version.


See a demo of LynX Output Manager.


  • Email reports to the user who submitted the job.
  • Email reports to any other user or user group.
  • Configure Cc, Bcc and subject (HTML or Text) options.
  • Support for SSL (through any email provider).
  • Email delivery within a specified timeout.

  • Archive reports in the repository.
  • Specify the number of days for archival or archive indefinitely.

Secure & Share
  • Secure sensitive reports from users.
  • Share reports securely.
  • Integrates with Windows Active Directory.
  • Users can access reports without logging into JDE.
  • Allow non-JDE users to access reports.

Searchable Keys
  • Configure BI Publisher outputs to be searchable by key data in the XML source.

Job Management
  • Delete records and underlying outputs on your E1 report servers based on a retention interval.

Extended Processing
  • Trigger a program when a report completes.
  • Use this feature to send the report to an ECM like SharePoint.

  • Send XML (OSA) output to XForm to create formatted, precise documents.

  • Print PDF reports to any printer.