The sky is not the limit.

LynX.NET Developer lets you create integrations in a familiar development environment: Microsoft Visual Studio.


LynX.NET includes the components you need to efficiently create business processes:

  • .NET typed class generator for E1 objects
  • C# Project Template
  • Integrated Visual Studio commands to facilitate testing and debugging
  • Use all of the features in .NET


  • Call Business Functions
  • Table I/O: Select, Insert, Update & Delete
  • Attach Media Objects
  • Transaction Control (set transaction boundaries across the above operations)
  • Call UBEs (Reports)


Business Process

A LynX Business Process is a unique approach to creating integrations.

  • The Business Process consists of an XML Schema and a C# class
  • XML Schema validates the XML document sent by the caller
  • The C# class invokes E1 functionality
  • An XML document is returned to the caller

Debugging & Testing

LynX.NET Debugger and the LynX Submission Tool make it easy to debug and test integrations.

  • Create sample documents for debugging and validate them in the IDE
  • Set breakpoints in your code and debug as you normally would, in Visual Studio
  • Create business process manifests for deployment
  • Submit test documents to the web service


See a demo of creating an integration using LynX.NET.