LynX File Exchanger

Exchange files with ease

Create ACH, SEPA and Positive Pay files from JDE EnterpriseOne.
Upload Bank Reconciliation and other custom files to JDE EnterpriseOne.

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Simplify Uploads & Downloads

LynX File Exchanger provides a user friendly way to upload and download files to/from JDE EnterpriseOne.

Examples of file uploads:

  • Upload bank reconciliation records from a file.
  • Upload address book records from a file.
  • Upload G/L entries from a file.

Examples of file downloads:

  • Create ACH, Bank Tape and SEPA files from JDE.
  • Create Positive Pay files from JDE.
  • Extract data for any custom purpose.

ACH, SEPA & Positive Pay

Create bank files in any format for any bank:

  • Integrates with standard A/P process.
  • Users can securely download files from JDE without IT intervention.
  • No customization required in JDE to create or change file formats.
  • No ESUs or localizations need to be installed (including those for SEPA!).

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Bank Reconciliation

Upload bank reconciliation files in any format:

  • Users can upload files themselves using File Exchanger’s user friendly web app.
  • Errors (with line# and position) are reported to the user for quick resolution.
  • Integrates with JDE’s standard bank reconcilation process.
  • No customization required in JDE.

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Custom Uploads and Downloads

If you have a need for a custom upload or download, we can help. For uploads, create your own business process using LynX.Net. For downloads, simply reuse our download business process.